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2 Docs with 2 Cents

Feb 24, 2020

Leon and Carrie talk to Frank Osborne, founder of Hawkgrips and Action Medical Technologies, about his story, how Hawkgrips came into existence, and he discusses his new autoinjector company. Frank is a true and bold entrepreneur with an inspiring story and great understanding about the importance of networking. 


Feb 17, 2020

Leon and Carrie talk to Dr. Andy Galpin who is a professor with his PhD in Human Bioenergetics. They discuss many topics surrounding an athlete’s performance including nutrition, training, and common neglected areas.

The Doc’s:


IG: @ThePerformanceDoc


Dr. Andy Galpin


Feb 10, 2020

Leon and Carrie talk with Ed Pagan, the most recent graduate of Movement Solutions University about his clinical experience including what he's learned, some highlights, and some funny quirks about Leon as a clinical instructor. 

The Doc’s:



Feb 3, 2020

Leon and Carrie talk to Dr. Erson Religioso about a growing trend amongst the physical therapy world. They discuss how the  different tribes have impacted the PT world and the patient experience. 


Dr. Erson Religioso

IG: @modernmanualtherapy

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