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2 Docs with 2 Cents

Jun 24, 2019

Carrie and Leon discuss a hot topic, which is the social media biases that can negatively impact student's perspective. Carrie and Leon breakdown how to properly analyze the information presented on social media in order to use it in your practice.


The Doc’s:



Jun 17, 2019

Carrie and Leon are joined by Entrepreneur and physical therapist Dr. Kellen Scantlebury. Kellen brings insight into his growing physical therapy practice in New York City. He discusses the challenges of hiring the right staff, creating the best environment for patients, and the differences between practicing and...

Jun 10, 2019

Leon interviews Carrie to get her take on what it is like to be married to an entrepreneur. She gives some key advice for others in the same position. 


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Jun 3, 2019

Carrie and Leon talk with Danny Matta, PT, DPT about all facets of entrepreneurship. They discuss the type of clinician that will succeed in this model, why accepting insurance causes headaches, and the future of the cash based model. 


Danny Matta, PT, DPT:

Practice: Athletes’ Potential

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