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2 Docs with 2 Cents

Jan 28, 2019

Carrie and Leon talk to fellow physical therapist, Dr. Jacob Templar, about the McKenzie approach to chronic pain patients and strategies to empower them.

Jacob Templar

IG: @Strengthinevidence_physio

LinkedIn: Jacob H. Templar

Facebook: Strength in Evidence Physiotherapy


The Doc’s


Jan 21, 2019

Leon and Carrie talk to performance coach, DJ Edwards, who specializes in training baseball players. As a former collegiate baseball player, DJ gives insight on the demands of sport and his training approach.

DJ Edwards

Personal IG and Twitter: @DJ_Edwards9

Business IG and Twitter: @Pushperformco


Jan 14, 2019

Leon and Carrie talk to Dr. Wesley Wang, PT, DPT all about ACL reconstruction and rehab. Wesley and Leon passionately share their own experiences with ACL surgery and rehab. They also discuss the importance of individualized programming during in order to prepare the athlete to return to their sport.

Wesley Wang:


Jan 7, 2019

Carrie and Leon talk with physical therapist and business owner, Kevin Kucko, all about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the differences between cash-based vs. insurance model private practices.

Kevin Kucko:


The Doc’s: