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2 Docs with 2 Cents

Dec 31, 2018

Carrie and Leon discuss the details of Fascial Stretch Therapy Sarah Mariano. Sarah explains the method and it's benefits. Also, we talk about the studies on regarding stretching and posture. Lastly, they discuss their social media influence. 

Sarah Mariano:

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Dec 24, 2018

Carrie and Leon discuss the role Prehab has in decreasing injuries and helping people maintain an active lifestyle.


The Doc’s


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Dec 17, 2018

Carrie and Leon are joined by Dr. Nicole and Dr. Marc Surdyka for a round table discussion on many facets of Physical Therapy. Some of the topics discussed include being a PT couple, residency, treatment styles, and business. 


Nicole Surdyka:

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Twitter @surdykaphysio

Facebook @nicolesurdykapt

Dec 10, 2018

Leon and Carrie talk to Dr. Christopher Swart, CSCS assistant professor at Bridgewater State University. They discuss the physiology, symptoms, and impact of overtraining syndrome. 

Dr. Chris Swart:


IG: @dr.swart_bsu


The Doc’s



Dec 3, 2018

Leon and Kyle talk about the increasingly popular blood flow restriction training in the rehab setting. Dr. Kyle Coffey goes into detail about how to use it, the benefits, and who benefits from it.

Dr. Kyle Coffey:


IG: @MotusPT


The Doc's: