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2 Docs with 2 Cents

Sep 24, 2018

Leon and Carrie Knight talk to local massage therapist and entrepreneur Jared Robinson, LMBT, AIS, CES. Jared Robinson is the owner and founder of Bodywork At Work in Charlotte, NC. They discuss the ins and outs of massage therapy, interdisciplinary referrals, and all about starting and owning a business.


Sep 17, 2018

Leon and Carrie talk with former weightlifter and current coach, Dan Rose, about the sport of weightlifting. They discuss the increase in popularity of the sport due to Crossfit, what it takes to be a weightlifter, and how weightlifting enhances sport performance.

Dan Rose:

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Sep 10, 2018

Dr. Leon and Dr. Carrie Knight discuss the continual changes in healthcare and how physical therapists can keep up. They talk about the recent push for preventative medicine and virtual healthcare.

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Sep 3, 2018

Dr. Leon and Carrie Knight sit down with podiatrist, Dr. Peter Bellezza, to discuss what he does, who he works with, and how he works with physical therapists. Dr. Bellezza talks about some common contributors to foot and ankle pain and his philosophy on treatment.


Dr. Peter Bellezza: